Birch Sugar sweeTimber®

100% Natural, 100% Birch Sugar

sweeTimber® Birch Sugar 100% natural and pure

A natural sweetener, the alternative to conventional sugar

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Extracted from the bark of birch in Finland through a natural process. Not chemically synthetised. GMO free.

Produced in Finnland and packaged in Germany. Packaging materials of vegetal origin and printed with food grade inks.

SweeTimber® has a very low glycemic index (GI 7) and in the human body it gets metabolized independetly from insulin, therefore its consumption is suitable for people focusing on a healthy lifestyle or people with diabetes.

Your healthy lifestyle is our Goal

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See all the benefits of sweeTimber® Birch Sugar

Do you want to use sweeTimber® in the production of your products or do you want to become a distributor?

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We offer sweeTimber® to the entire HORECA sector, wholesalers and retailers, as well as to the food production industry for sugar-free products.

We adjust to the needs and supply quantities to support the production and consumption of sugar-free products.

Our goal is to contribute to a healthy lifestyle!